Contract Fabrication / Wholesale

At D&R Tarpaulins, we place a high priority on our ability to offer the industry competitive pricing for contract fabrication and wholesale pricing for finished goods. Our facility, experienced staff and state of the art machinery enables us to be very efficient and combined with our buying power; we are able to offer services and goods to companies that would not necessarily be able to supply such products.

D&R Group can offer the following:

Contract Fabrication:

  • In house design including artwork concepts using AutoCad, MPanel, Shade Designer and a number of graphic design programs.
  • Automated plotting and cutting of PVC, Canvas and Shadecloth up to 3.8mW using our state of the art Pathfinder.
  • Bulk welding of PVC, LDPE, LLDPE, PP whether it be with HF, Hot Air or Hot Wedge.
  • Bulk sewing of all fabrics including geotextiles

Wholesale Pricing of:

  • Tarps, Covers and Liners
  • PVC Membranes and Shade Sails
  • Marquees and Promotional Products.
  • Booms, Baffles, Fluid Containment and Spill Control Products.
  • Inflatable Products and many more

The reasons why D&R Group can offer these services:

  • 6000m2 site with 2800m2 of factory floor space.
  • Dedicated HF Welding Shed and the ability to weld up to 80m in length with a wedge welder
  • Experienced staff with a wealth of knowledge.
  • 3 x HF welders, 5 x wedge welders, hot air welded and 15 sewing machines.
  • 3.8m wide Pathfinder Automated Plotter & Cutter
  • Buying power


To find out more about D&R contract fabrication and wholesale capabilities, simply contact us. One of our friendly staff members will be able to provide you all the information you need.