Superior Dam Liners, Pond Liners and Frac Pond Liners

D&R Tarpaulins is one of Australia’s most reputed manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality liners for industrial purposes. For well over 30 years, our damn, tank and pond liners have been used across several industries, such as rural, mining, agricultural and domestic markets. We have a broad range of clients spread out all over Australia, as also worldwide.

We are specialist in the manufacture of pre-fabricated liners whereby all welded seams are undertaken in a controlled environment, therefore, eliminating the need for field seams thus ensuring the integrity of the liner. All of our products undertake a thorough QA/QC system whereby each seam is tested both visually and mechanically.

We pride ourselves in supplying high-quality liners quickly and efficiently. No matter where you are located, whether you require a dam, pond or frac pond liner, we can deliver one install-ready to your site with ease. While we offer quality services and superior products, our prices are still amongst the most competitive in the market.

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Our range of liners includes:

Frac Tank & Frac Pond Liners

Frac Tank & Frac Pond Liners

Our frac tank and frac pond liners are used extensively in environmental applications. These prefabricated liners are UV stabilised and meet all Australian regulations. Our liners are suitable for short, medium and even long term applications. ...
Dam & Pond Liners

Dam & Pond Liners

Our range of prefabricated dam and pond liners are suitable both for short term and long term use across a variety of applications. These liners are made from a number of materials and are widely used across industries including agriculture, farming, rural, mining, local municipalities and councils, amongst others....