Fluid Containment

Let D&R Tarpaulins take care of all your fluid containment challenges. We offer a range of fluid containment solutions to secure large amounts of fluids such as chemicals, fuels or water. All our products are specially designed and engineered to comply with Australian standards. We supply fluid containment solutions directly to end-users and also in bulk to Australian corporations that deal with fluid and waste materials.

At D&R Tarpaulins, we understand the importance of safety to workers and facility managers working in industrial sites. As such, our solutions are specially engineered and designed to manage fluid containment challenges quickly and effectively. Thanks to our products, not only can you protect your workers and site managers, but you will also protect the environment. Our products are highly flexible and are completely impermeable to fluids.

We have been supplying high-quality fluid containment solutions for almost four decades now. Our clients range from rural firefighters, local councils, mining companies and other related industries, that make use of our products in events such as floods, eco-spills, bushfires, cyclones and other types of natural disasters. The high-quality and effectiveness of our products make us one of the most trustworthy names in Australia when it comes to fluid containment solutions.

Fluid Containment Products

Our broad range of fluid containment products include:

Bladders: D&R bladders are manufactured using top-grade heavy-duty fabrics and are the ultimate fluid containment solution. Also known as pillow tanks, our bladders are available in a range of sizes and are suitable for use with water, chemicals, diesel, effluents, wastewater and even gases. D&R pillow tanks are available in a vast array of capacities and sizes and are ideal for both short term and long term containment of fluids.

Onion tanks: Our onion tanks are specially designed for short term fluid storage. Shaped in the form of an onion, these tanks are open-topped, collapsible and self-supporting. Onion tanks are highly portable and can easily be taken to difficult locations. Made out of top-grade PVC, our onion tanks are available in a range of sizes so as to meet different client requirements.

Porta tanks: D&R porta tanks are a lightweight and portable solution to fluid storage. These tanks come in a standard 9,000 litre capacity and are supplied with transportation cases, covers, disposable liners and ground sheets. Our porta tanks are incredibly easy to install and can be transported to even difficult to access locations. D&R porta tanks are an ideal solution for short term fluid containment purposes.

All our fluid storage products support standard fittings and are incredibly easy to install and maintain. They are also backed by solid guarantees, so when you choose D&R products, you can rest assured knowing that our solutions will work for you.

If you are in doubt as to which fluid containment product will suit your purpose, simply contact us and state your requirements. Our trained professionals will offer you expert advice and guidance on which solution will best meet your requirements. We deliver our products all across Australia and we also provide a free quotation on the basis of your specifications. So do not delay – give us a call and discuss your requirements with us today!