Frac Tank & Frac Pond Liners

Let D&R Liners take care of all your frac tank and frac pond liner requirements. We offer a range of custom manufactured, as well as standard sized liners to suit every possible need. Our frac tank and frac pond liners are specially designed for safe, as well as economical containment of hydraulic fracturing fluids.

D&R frac tank and frac pond liners are manufactured using Enviro Liner®, produced by Layfield in Canada. The Enviro Liner® range of geomembranes utilise specialised polyethylene’s, as well as a flexible fortified polyolefin alloy and, are formulated with special stabilizers providing enhanced UV, heat and chemical resistance.

For well over 30 years now, D&R Liners has been a trustworthy name, being trusted by thousands of clients in Australia, as also worldwide.

Frac Pond Liner Range

The range includes the following:

Enviro Liner® 1000 (EL1000) series is a specialised polyethylene flexible membrane liner material that has been developed for the containment of drilling fluids and chemicals associated with hydraulic fracturing operations. EL1000 can also be used to line short term oil pits (up to 5 years). EL1000 comes with a light grey colour top skin layer and a black layer on the bottom. The grey face helps to identify potential sheet damage and leaks (if the grey outer skin layer is damaged it will normally show the black core layer). The grey face also reflects sunlight better than the blackface, helping reduce wrinkles caused by sheet thermal expansion and contraction. EL1000 is available in 20mil (.5mm) and  30mil (.75mm) thickness. Enviro Liner® 1000 is a flexible membrane liner that is flexible enough to be factory fabricated so that it can be delivered in one large panel with no seaming required on site. Our frac pond liners are specially prefabricated and designed to easily be welded, rolled and folded. This allows our liners to be used across a variety of applications. Whether you need a short term, a medium-term or a long term solution, you can count on D&R frac pond liners.

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Enviro Liner® 4000 geomembrane is a specialised frac pond liner, made from polyethylene material, that combines flexibility, UV stability, and chemical resistance. The Enviro Liner 4000 geomembrane was originally designed as a flexible cap material for landfills. Its good flexibility allows it to accommodate differential settlement that is often seen in landfill applications. This flexibility also allows it to be prefabricated (welded, folded and rolled) so that many jobs can be lined using a one-piece liner.

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Enviro Liner® 6000 formulation is a proprietary polyolefin flexible geomembrane liner material designed for outstanding durability, chemical resistance, and flexibility. North American made Enviro Liner® 6000 is available as a black/white coextruded structure. Enviro Liner® 6000 can be supplied in prefabricated panels up to 40 mil (1.0 mm) thick and in roll stocks when thicker. Enviro Liner® 6000 is available in thicknesses from 20 mil (0.50 mm) to 80 mil (2.0 mm). The Enviro Liner® 6000 formulation includes a proprietary UV inhibitor/antioxidant additive package making Enviro Liner® 6000 a very durable and flexible frac pond liner with one of the best UV warranties in the industry. Enviro Liner® 6000 is certified for potable water contact (NSF 61).

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Simply get in touch with us and state your specific requirements. Our expert professionals will work with you to offer advice on the best possible solution suitable for your needs. We also offer detailed guides on the installation of liners and work with you in every possible way to ensure that our products work out for you. When you choose D&R Liners, you can rest assured, knowing that you’re dealing with one of the best names in the industry. So give us a call to discuss your requirements. We’d love to help you out in every way we can.