D&R Tarpaulins are one of Australia’s most renowned suppliers of high-quality fumigation tarpaulins and fumigation covers. Our comprehensive product range includes a range of PVC tarps include flat sheets, box sheets and chambers, which are strictly designed to adhere to Australian regulations. We offer both standard size fumigation tarpaulins as well as custom-tailored solutions. From covers to protect food grains, fertilisers, cement, chemicals, cotton and machinery, our fumigation tarpaulins can meet any application.

Our fumigation tarpaulins are used across a wide variety of industries, ranging from pest control, quarantine, import/export, and even commercial and residential construction. We have a broad client list which includes large corporations as well as small organisations, both in Australia as also worldwide. Apart from manufacturing and supplying fumigation tarpaulins, we also carry out repair and offer support services on tarpaulins, chambers and other related products.

Our PVC fumigation tarpaulins are widely used by pest control organisations along with warehousing corporations to protect food grains such as rice, wheat, spices and allied food grains among other products. Lightweight, durable and resistant to tearing, our PVC tarpaulins adequately meet the need of even the most demanding of applications. They can also be customised to meet various specifications depending on your need. Whether you’re looking for a small-sized sheet or an extremely large sheet, you can count on D&R tarpaulins to meet your fumigation requirements.

Fumigation Tarpaulin Manufacturers

Our fumigation tarpaulins are manufactured using the best quality materials and through precision production techniques. Engineered to meet the strictest Australian regulations, our fumigation tarpaulins are also resistant to UV rays and impermeable to fumigation gases such as methyl bromide. We make use of only the best manufacturing techniques to ensure that our tarpaulins are durable and long-lasting. Thanks to our skilled personnel and state of the art machinery, our tarpaulins boast superior quality – something that you will not be able to find elsewhere in the market.
All products manufactured by D&R Tarpaulins are backed by solid guarantees and we also furnish all relevant documentation, so that you face no problems with your audits. No wonder we have been one of Australia’s most reputed suppliers of fumigation tarpaulins for almost four decades now.

While our products are superior grade and the finest in the market, our prices are also incredibly competitive. You cannot expect to find such high-quality fumigation products in any hardware or retail store in Australia. If you’re unsure of which fumigation tarpaulin to choose, simply give us a call and state your requirements. Our experts will guide you through and offer advice on the best product suitable for your needs.

For more information on our range of fumigation tarpaulins, contact us at D&R Tarpaulins. We’ll connect you to one of our knowledgeable and friendly team members, who will gladly assist you with all your needs. We’re always here to help – give us a call today to discuss your fumigation tarpaulin requirements. Choose D&R Tarpaulins to enjoy hassle-free production of fumigation tarpaulins.