Spill Control

D&R Liners is completely committed to protecting the environment, and our clients, from potential hazards. Our spill control products are specially designed to contain all types of potential fluid leaks and spills and are designed in accordance with Australian standards. Ensure your corporation is equipped with the right tools to successfully address any environmental compliance challenges.

The D&R Group has been a trustworthy name in the spill control industry in Australia for well over 30 years. While we offer extremely high-grade products, we also offer incredibly competitive prices. D&R Liners can custom tailor spill control solutions to meet your every need.

Spill Control Products

We offer a wide range of spill control products including:

Porta Tanks: As the name suggests, porta tanks are portable fluid holding tanks which feature a collapsible frame. These tanks can effectively be used to control fluid spills and leaks. D&R porta tanks come bundled with covers, disposable liners, groundsheets and transportation cases.

Portable Bunds: D&R Portable Bunds bunds are uniquely designed snap bunds, which can quickly and effectively create safe zones to capture liquid spills. Our collapsible bunds are widely used by operators in several Australian spill control industries.

Silt Curtains: Silt curtains or sediment curtains are specially designed products that control sediment spills from construction sites, piling and dredging operations, alongside other applications. These curtains help capture particles of silt while allowing water to flow through.

Baffle Curtains: Our baffle curtains forma floating hydraulic barrier curtain and can be used to split water-holdings and dams to create individual cells of water. This solution is quite commonly used across wastewater treatment plants in Australia to improve settling times and retention of fluids.

Solid Floating Booms: Our solid floating booms are specially engineered floating barriers that are designed to stop the spreading of oil in water.

Fence Booms: Our fence booms are a lightweight and easy-to-handle solution. This floating fence-like structure features a weighted bottom and foam buoyancy to hold booms underwater.

Our spill control products are specially manufactured to reflect the finest standards of quality. Our products are UV stabilised, flame retardant and exhibit high durability and longevity. Whether you need a short term or a long term spill containment solution, you can count on our products to be environmentally compliant, both now and in the future.

If you’re unsure of which product to choose, simply give us a call and state your requirements. Our knowledgeable and friendly experts will guide you and advise you on which spill control solution will best suit your purpose.

Contact us to find out more about our spill control solutions. Our trained staff members will be more than happy to offer you all the information you need. We will also offer you a free quotation depending on your requirements. Remember – D&R Liners ships products all across Australia. So wherever you are, get in touch, and we will deliver you a solution that works for you.