Enquiry: Portable Bunding: The Ultimate Spill Containment System

Are you in the business of dealing with spills in remote and environmentally sensitive areas? If so, then you should definitely consider investing in a D&R Portable Bunding Solution.

Portable Bunding

Due to our 30 years of experience as a manufacturer of tarpaulins and spill containment solutions, we’ve had the chance to see various spill control products in action. Speaking from actual experience, along with the feedback of my clients, we can honestly tell you that the D&R Portable Bunding is the ultimate portable spill containment system.

Many of my prospective clients have asked me the same question when trying to decide what kind of spill containment solution to invest in.

“Do I really need to make this investment?” Well, the law seems to think so.

Why Do You Need A Spill Containment Solution?

Due to our stringent Environmental Laws and Policies, we all have a role to play and a general environmental duty to protect our land and waterways. Failure to do so will result in fines and/or prosecution.

This only means one thing: if you’re in an industry where there is a risk or hazard to water or environmental quality, you need to have a spill containment solution at the ready.

This is true for any facility or business dealing with chemicals, such as agricultural firms that regularly employ pesticides, transport facilities that transfer stored liquids, wineries and breweries, milk processing plants, and electrical plants that regularly handle oil and PCBs. Mining companies are especially prone to extremely strict environmental regulations and must have spill containment measures in place at all times.

If you’re in any of these industries, a D&R Portable Bunding Solution will help you comply with the legal requirements of your industry.

But you may be wondering: what is portable bunding?

What is Portable Bunding?

A portable bund is basically a wall or embankment that is made of impervious materials. The most common ones are made of brick, stone or concrete. However, since they are designed to be portable, you can set them up anywhere.

Portable bunds can contain large amounts of liquid in any location you place them. So if your business requires you to deal with spill containment, fluid leakage control and clean-up operations of any kind, I highly recommend you invest in them. If the true test of a great investment is something that you can make good use of, then portable bunds certainly meet the mark.

But how does it differ from other spill containment products? Why is it better? Armed with a fair share of technical knowledge and experience, I can give you more ideas as to why we call this the “ultimate solution”.

What Makes Portable Bunds the Ultimate Solution?

Versatility. Versatility is one of the main reasons why we consider portable bunding as the ultimate solution in spill containment. Bunding is effective regardless of what kind of spill you’re dealing with. With over 30 years of experience in tarpaulin manufacturing and fabrication, I personally make sure our environmental products meet the highest requirements in quality and effectiveness. I can guarantee that our range of portable bunding is made using high-grade materials that are resistant to all kinds of chemicals and pollutants. This makes them capable of dealing with spills involving agricultural chemicals, cleaning agents, detergents, engine coolants, oil and fuel, grease and petroleum and solvents, among others.

Ease of use. One of the biggest concerns clients have when in relation to our spill containment solutions is their ease of use. I’m often asked, “How hard is it to use?” I can certainly understand where they’re coming from. If you have a major chemical spill on your hands, you need your equipment to be easily deployed. This is another reason why portable bunding is always my first suggestion. Portable bunds are collapsible and can be easily rolled up for transport. It is also easy to install on-site, making it ideal for use even in the remotest of locations.

Safe zones. These “safe zones” make up a unique feature of portable bunds, particularly the ones we carry. D&R Portable Bunds have a unique snap-design that helps shorten the amount of time it takes to capture liquid spills. This is why many our portable bunding products the first and only choice for Australia’s leading spill control industries.


Clients who value the usefulness, ease of use and effective design of a product usually invest in portable bunds as their spill containment solution of choice. Investing in a Portable Bunding Solution will equip you to handle any kind of spill. This way, your business can easily comply with all legal environmental obligations.

As one of the trusted and most reputable tarpaulin manufacturers in Australia, you can expect only the highest level of performance from D&R Portable Bunds. Whether you need standard or custom-fabricated solutions for short term or long term use, we’re definitely your go-to source.

Call us up at D&R Liners and I’ll gladly answer all other questions you may have. My goal is to help you make an informed choice when investing in the spill containment solution that’s ideal for you.

To take the guesswork out of buying tarps, visit us at D& Liners, where we can fabricate the perfect tarpaulin solution for your application.