Enquiry: Top 6 Most effective Spill Control Products

If controlling oil spills and other potential hazards make up a big part of your business, how certain are you that your existing spill control products can indeed live up to the challenge?

Portable Bunding

With my years of experience in the tarpaulin business, I am sure that regardless of their specific nature, unexpected spills – be it oil, any kind of chemical, or any other hazardous material – can have some major repercussions. We’re talking about wide-scale water or land contamination that can affect or pose a risk to the health, safety and well-being of thousands and even millions of individuals.

In the face of emergency spill control, you just have to trust our expertise when we say that you can’t afford to have materials and equipment that you don’t have complete faith in. Using the right materials will ensure that spills are dealt with quickly and effectively and that your entire response plan works as expected. On the other hand, wrong, faulty, or low-grade equipment are considered as major detrimental risks.

In this article, I’ve put together a list of the 6 spill control solutions you’ll need to combat all manners and scales of potential hazards.

Portable Fluid Holding Tank

If you’re faced with a drastic liquid spill, what better way to respond than to take out a portable fluid holding tank? This refers to a large specially fabricated tank liner that is held in place by a collapsible frame to create a tank or a storage unit. Porta tanks can hold 9000Ltrs of fluid, so they are an ideal spill control solution for spills of any size. In my opinion, however, the biggest benefit offered by porta tanks is that they do not require inflation or assembly. In other words, they are ready to use, so this will definitely cut your emergency response time significantly!

At D&R Liners, we manufacture high-grade porta tanks. Our porta tanks are made from heavy-duty PVC or XR5 with fully welded seams. We also offer the complete package, which includes the collapsible frame, covers, disposable liners, groundsheets and even transportation cases.

Portable Bunds

If you ask me, portable bunds are a must-have for any business that deals with chemicals and other hazardous liquids, such as in the oil and gas industry, truck and car wash bays, plant equipment servicing and fuel transfer. If you’re in such a business, having a portable bunding solution at the ready is part of your social responsibility

The D&R Portable Bund features a snap upside support arrangement that allows simple erection and or access to the bund simply by folding down the sides. Our bunds are a heavy-duty solution but are very easy to handle and simple to erect. These features are a crucial advantage when dealing with spill control.

Find out more about Portable Bunding from my previous article, “Portable Bunding: The Ultimate Spill Containment System”

Silt curtains

We generally recommend silt curtains to clients in the construction, piling and dredging industries. Also known as floating curtains, these effectively keep silt and sediments created by your projects from migrating or spilling into water systems.

Whether you need short term or long term silt control, we have exactly the solutions that you need.

Baffle curtains

Recommended for water treatment projects and wastewater reservoirs, baffle curtains serve as floating water barriers that operate hydraulically. What’s unique about our baffle curtains is a special design that improves settling time and their ability to retain fluid.

Solid floating boom

Crucial to have at hand during oil spills, our solid floating booms are some of our bestselling spill control products available on the market today. What are they exactly? They are non-absorbent foam-filled structures that float on the surface of the water and have a weighted skirt that extends below the surface. We especially recommend this as an investment if you are regularly faced with the potential of an on-water spill whether in sheltered wates, rivers, lakes, marinas or the open ocean.

As with our other spill control products, we accept custom requests for solid floating booms for both short-term and long-term use. If you’re looking for something you can rely on the long term, we can have your curtain boom UV treated to prevent damage due to prolonged exposure to the elements.

Fence booms

Last, but definitely not the least, are fence booms, which are ideal if you’re tasked to respond to marine oil and fuel spills. What many of our clients like about fence booms is how easy it is to store due to its small storage size. These are essentially flat and lightweight floating fences that can be quickly installed once an oil or fuel spill occurs; I guarantee that it won’t take you longer than a few minutes, especially if you use our specially designed fence booms.

Our fence booms feature weighted bottoms and improved foam buoyancy that give them more stability. We also use UV-treated, environmentally compliant materials to produce the highest-grade fence booms you will find in the market.


To gain control over any kind of spill, we recommend you invest only in the right equipment. A quality spill control product should be light, easy to use and easy to store, but should also be durable, long-lasting and 100% effective. Thus, it’s not just a matter of finding porta tanks, portable bunds, silt curtains, fence booms, baffle curtains and floating booms. It’s also a matter of finding high-grade and appropriate spill control solutions for the emergency spills you usually come face to face with.

If you need custom spill control solutions, whether for short or long term use, at competitive prices, don’t hesitate to contact us here at D&R Liners.