Enquiry: Tarpaulin Buying Guide – What You Need To Know

I may be biased, but I believe tarpaulins to be one of the most versatile protective measures available to industries today. They can be used to protect a variety of objects from all kinds of conditions, both indoors and outdoors. Due to their durable nature, they can withstand any kind of outdoor environment. Thus, it’s quite easy to find yourself in need of a tarpaulin.


However, buying a tarpaulin can be more complicated than it seems. So, to help you make the right decision, I’ve put together a list of what to consider when buying tarpaulins.

1. Define your tarpaulins application

Today, we find tarpaulins being widely used for a variety of purposes, and this has made the market highly diverse. To meet the demand, we manufacture different kinds of tarps to meet each specific use, the most common of which include the following:

  • As an outdoor protective covering – Tarpaulins are most commonly used to provide protection against the elements, thanks to their weatherproof and waterproof nature. In such cases, the right tarpaulin will depend on the conditions in which it has to withstand. For this reason, tarps are generally classified into “regular duty”, “heavy duty”, and “super heavy duty” options. Heavy duty and super heavy duty options tend to offer better wind and water resistance, as well as improved pliability even in cold environments.
  • As an advertising material – Tarpaulins are also commonly used to advertise businesses. Their resistance to outdoor elements means you can place them anywhere, thus making them highly effective for advertising.
  • As a ground or surface cover – Tarps are also used to cover the ground or any surface. If you like going camping, a tarp will be an essential item whether to be used as a shade/weather protection cover or even groundsheet.
  • As a temporary or emergency barrier – Tarps are highly useful in emergency situations, such as when the roof or wall of a home or establishment becomes damaged. You can also use it as a protective barrier against dust, dirt and paint. They are especially handy if renovating your home or office.

2. Look at the types of tarpaulins available

There are many different types of tarpaulins available; these options have varying sizes, thicknesses, and mesh counts. As a result, tarpaulin manufactures, such as ourselves, manufacture different types of tarps for specific functions. Some of our most popular types of tarps include:

  • Poly tarps – Poly is a general term used for Polyethylene and is used in many different forms to manufacture tarpaulins. Poly tarps are a versatile tarpaulin that can be used for practically any purpose and is the most economical choice on the market. Aside from being low in cost, they are also very easy to work with.
  • PVC tarps – PVC tarps are a more heavy-duty tarpaulin that are more widely used in the building industry as roof tarps and also where a heavy-duty solution is required. Other common uses are as truck tarpaulins and also grain covers.
  • Canvas tarps – Canvas tarps are the original and some would say the best. Canvas tarps are widely used within the transport industry as truck tarps commonly referred to as cap tarps. Canvas tarps play a major role where breathability is a requirement.

3. Choose the right material

When buying a tarpaulin you are faced with a variety of material options. Apart from the 3 major fabric types mentioned above, there are also other fabric options such as Polypropylene, LLDPE, LDPE in both re-enforced and non re-enforced options to consider when choosing the right solution for the job at hand, and this is where D&R Tarpaulins can help.

At D&R Liners, we also offer bulk welding of PVC, LDPE, LLDPE and polypropylene in our contract fabrication service. Whatever your tarpaulin needs, trust D&R to deliver a robust and durable solution.


Whether you’re going camping, need a protective cover for domestic use, or need to protect your load, there’s a specific tarpaulin to meet your needs. Just make sure to consider your application, the different types available, and the different materials you can choose from when shopping for tarpaulins.

To take the guesswork out of buying tarps, visit us at D& Liners, where we can fabricate the perfect tarpaulin solution for your application.